Parts No. JAN Products Name
G0001 4580416430012 SuperVelocity 8.5T
G0002 4580416430029 SuperVelocity 10.5T
G0003 4580416430036 SuperVelocity 13.5T
G0004 4580416430043 SuperVelocity 17.5T
G0005 4580416430050 SuperSonic 7.5T
G0006 4580416430067 SuperSonic 8.5T
G0007 4580416430074 SuperSonic 10.5T
G0008 4580416430081 SuperSonic 13.5T
G0009 4580416430098 SuperSonic 17.5T
G0010 4580416430104 SuperSonic 21.5T
G0011 4580416430111 TS 120A ESC
G0012 4580416430128 TS 90A ESC
G0013 4580416430135 TS 50A ESC
G0014 4580416430142 1S 120A ESC
G0015 4580416430159 TS 120A Combo 13.5T
G0016 4580416430166 TS 120A Combo 17.5T
G0017 4580416430173 PROGBOX
G0018 4580416430180 G3 Charger
G0019 4580416430197 Gyro Unit for Mini-Z MR-03
G0020 4580416430203 AAA Discharger
G0021 4580416430210 Power Switch
G0022 4580416430227 X(Cross) Weight Gauge
G0023 4580416430234 Lipo Analyzer
G0024 4580416430241 Lipo Bag (18*22cm)
G0025 4580416430258 G6P AC Charger & Power Supply
G0026 4580416430265 Tamiya LiFe conversion connector
G0027 4580416430272 Multi Balance Board Adaptor(JST-XH)
G0028 4580416430289 Tamiya Charging Cable
G0029 4580416430296 Connector cable for receiver battery
G0030 4580416430302 Dean Connector with Banana Plug Cable
G0031 4580416430319 Multi Balance Board Adaptor
G0032 4580416430326 G6 CHARGER
G0033 4580416430333 Tyre Warmer
G0034 4580416430340 Wi-Fi Link
G0035 4580416430357 Cooling FAN
G0036 4580416430364 Optional rotor for Super Sonic ¢5*12.8mm
G0037 4580416430371 USB AC Adapter
G0038 4580416430388 ENGINE HEATER
G0040 4580416430401 Swift 10A ESC
G0041 4580416430418 Swift 20A ESC
G0042 4580416430425 Swift 35A ESC
G0043 4580416430432 Swift 50A ESC
G0044 4580416430449 Program Card for Air
G0045 4580416430456 Optional rotor for Super Sonic ¢7.2*12.5mm
G0047 4580416430470 Temperature Sensor Cable
G0049 4580416430494 SuperSonic 3.5T
G0050 4580416430500 SuperSonic 4.5T
G0051 4580416430517 TS50A Combo 13.5T
G0052 4580416430524 TS50A Combo 17.5T
G0053 4580416430531 GC301 GYRO
G0054 4580416430548 Alumi Jacket for ESC(Black)
G0055 4580416430555 Alumi Jacket for ESC(Gold)
G0056 4580416430562 Charge connector for hard case LiPo
G0057 4580416430579 SuperFast 8.5T
G0058 4580416430586 SuperFast 10.5T
G0059 4580416430593 SuperFast 13.5T
G0060 4580416430609 SuperFast 17.5T
G0061 4580416430616 SuperFast 21.5T
G0062 4580416430623 SPORT BRUSHED ESC 60A
G0063 4580416430630 Alumi Stiffener(Front) for TB-04
G0064 4580416430647 Alumi Stiffener(Rear) for TB-04
G0065 4580416430654 Alumi Shock Tower Mount for TB-04
G0066 4580416430661 Alumi Steering Crank Set for TB-04
G0067 4580416430678 TS 120A Black Aluminium Edition
G0068 4580416430685 PS1200 Power Supply
G0069 4580416430692 Warmering Cup
G0070 4580416430708 雷神(RAIJIN) 8.5T
G0071 4580416430715 雷神(RAIJIN) 10.5T
G0072 4580416430722 風神(FUJIN) 8.5T
G0073 4580416430739 風神(FUJIN) 10.5T
G0076 4580416430760 SuperSonic 5.5T (Adjustable timing Y)
G0077 4580416430777 SuperSonic 6.5T (Adjustable timing Y)
G0078 4580416430784 Parts Tray (Black)
G0079 4580416430791 Parts Tray (Blue)
G0080 4580416430807 Shock Holder (Black)
G0081 4580416430814 Shock Holder (Blue)
G0082 4580416430821 Super Fast Type-C 8.5T
G0083 4580416430838 Super Fast Type-C 10.5T
G0084 4580416430845 Super Fast Type-C 13.5T
G0085 4580416430852 Super Fast Type-C 17.5T
G0086 4580416430869 Super Fast Type-C 21.5T
G0087 4580416430876 Tyre Sander (Black)
G0088 4580416430883 Tyre Sander (Blue)
G0089 4580416430890 TS 50A ESC Type-C
G0090 4580416430906 Pit Light (Black)
G0091 4580416430913 Pit Light (Blue)
G0092 4580416430920 1/10 SET-UP WHEEL (Black)
G0093 4580416430937 1/10 SET-UP WHEEL (Blue)
G0094 4580416430944 TS50 Type C Combo (S.FAST 13.5T) 
G0095 4580416430951 TS50 Type C Combo (S.FAST 17.5T) 
G0096 4580416430968 Tyre Balancer (Black) 
G0097 4580416430975 Tyre Balancer (Blue)
G0098 4580416430982 風神(FUJIN) 7.5T
G0099 4580416430999 雷神(RAIJIN) 7.5T
G0100 4580416431002 DC output terminal for 1200W(XT90)
G0101 4580416431019 Hyper Booster (Black)
G0102 4580416431026 Hyper Booster (Blue)
G0107 4580416431071 Motor Analyzer
G0108 4580416431088 TS160A ESC
G0109 4580416431095 Setup System (black)
G0110 4580416431101 Setup System (blue)
G0111 4580416431118 Droop Gauge Support Blocks(black)
G0112 4580416431125 Droop Gauge Support Blocks(blue)
G0113 4580416431132 Droop Gauge -3 to 10 mm  (black)
G0114 4580416431149 Droop Ggauge -3 to 10 mm (blue)
G0115 4580416431156 Droop Gauge 4.0 to 6.6mm (black)
G0116 4580416431163 Droop Gauge 4.0 to 6.6mm (blue)
G0117 4580416431170 Ride Height Gauge 3.8-7.0mm (black)
G0118 4580416431187 Ride Height Gauge 3.8-7.0mm (blue)
G0120 4580416431200 Cooring Fan for TS160A ESC
G0122 4580416431224 G8 DUO 1400W
G0129 4580416431293 Tyre Warmer Belt
G0132 4580416431323 Spring Rate Gauge(Black)
G0133 4580416431330 Spring Rate Gauge(Blue)
G0134 4580416431347 Data Port Cover for ESC
G0135 4580416431354 Tyre Balancer Plus(Black)
G0136 4580416431361 Tyre Balancer Plus(Blue)
G0139 4580416431392 Sensor Cable (15cm)
G0141 4580416431415 Super REV 8.5T
G0142 4580416431422 Super REV 10.5T
G0143 4580416431439 Super REV 13.5T
G0144 4580416431446 Super REV 17.5T
G0145 4580416431453 Super REV 21.5T
G0146 4580416431460 HEX DRIVER SET (Black&Silver)
G0147 4580416431477 HEX DRIVER SET (Black&Gold)
G0148 4580416431484 Multi Warming System
G0150 4580416431507 Super EXTREME 13.5T
G0151 4580416431514 Super EXTREME 17.5T
G0152 4580416431521 Super EXTREME 21.5T
G0154 4580416431545 Skidproof Pit Mat
G0155 4580416431552 8mm Spacer(For Spring Rate Gauge)
G0157 4580416431576 Precision Setting Board
G0158 4580416431583 6 in 1 Torque Driver Set
G0160 4580416431606 TX Bag for 4PLS
G0161 4580416431613 TX Bag for M12
G0162 4580416431620 TX Bag for MT4
G0163 4580416431637 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 25T
G0164 4580416431644 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 26T
G0165 4580416431651 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 27T
G0166 4580416431668 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 28T
G0167 4580416431675 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 29T
G0168 4580416431682 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 30T
G0169 4580416431699 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 31T
G0170 4580416431705 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 32T
G0171 4580416431712 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 33T
G0172 4580416431729 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 34T
G0173 4580416431736 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 35T
G0174 4580416431743 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 36T
G0175 4580416431750 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 37T
G0176 4580416431760 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 38T
G0177 4580416431774 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 39T
G0178 4580416431781 Precision Hardcoat 64P Pinion 40T
G0189 4580416431897 Pit Light AXIS (Black)
G0190 4580416431903 Pit Light AXIS (Blue)
G0191 4580416431910 TS90A+ ESC(Black)
G0192 4580416431927 TX Bag for KO-EX1
G0194 4580416431941 G6 AC Platinum Charger
G0195 4580416431958 TS90A+ ESC(Orange)
G0196 4580416431965 Pit Bag Ultra Large 
G0197 4580416431972 Pit Bag Standard
G0198 4580416431989 TX Bag for 4PX
G0200 4580416432009 Pit Bag ULTRA LARGE WIDE (for 1/10 Buggy)
G0201 4580416432016 Shock Synchronizer(Black)
G0202 4580416432023 Shock Synchronizer(Blue)
G0203 4580416432030 Face Masking Decal
G0204 4580416432047 G4 MULTI CHARGER
G0205 4580416432054 TS90A Drift Combo 10.5T
G0206 4580416432061 Driving Hand Warmer
G0207 4580416432078 Multi Carrying Bag
G0208 4580416432085 Drift Tyre Remover(Black)
G0209 4580416432092 Drift Tyre Remover(Blue)
G0213 4580416432139 TS 120A R2 ESC
G0244 4580416432443 DC Multi Tap
G0267 4580416432672 Digital Pitch Gauge
G0269 4580416432696 TS50A ESC REV Control
G0270 4580416432702 GD200 Discharger
G0271 4580416432719 Ryujin 8.5T Brushless Motor
G0272 4580416432726 Ryujin 10.5T Brushless Motor
G0273 4580416432733 Ryujin 13.5T Brushless Motor
G0290 4580416432900 Diff Digitizer
G0291 4580416432917 Damper Stroke Adjuster
G0293 4580416432931 GMA465 AC Charger
G0294 4580416432948 Tyre Warmer PRO
G0295 4580416432955 Warming Cup V2 (Black Color)
G0296 4580416432962 Batt Warm BOX for Tyre Warmer PRO
G0300 4580416433006 Hyper Sonic 5.5T Brushless Motor
G0301 4580416433013 Hyper Sonic 6.5T Brushless Motor
G0302 4580416433020 Hyper Sonic 7.5T Brushless Motor
G0303 4580416433037 Hyper Sonic 8.5T Brushless Motor
G0304 4580416433044 Hyper Sonic 10.5T Brushless Motor
G0305 4580416433051 Hyper Sonic 13.5T Brushless Motor
G0306 4580416433068 Hyper Sonic 17.5T Brushless Motor
G0307 4580416433075 Hyper Sonic 21.5T Brushless Motor
G0311 4580416433112 Aluminium Funnel Duct 25×25mm Black
G0312 4580416433129 Aluminium Funnel Duct 25×25mm Silver
G0313 4580416433136 Aluminium Funnel Duct 30×30mm Black
G0314 4580416433143 Aluminium Funnel Duct 30×30mm Silver
G0315 4580416433150 Spring Rate Gauge V2(Black)
G0316 4580416433167 Spring Rate Gauge V2(Blue)
G0317 4580416433174 GD250 Discharger
G0319 4580416433198 【Limited:Gold & Black wire】TS50 Type C Combo (S.FAST 13.5T) 
G0320 4580416433204 【Limited:Gold & Black wire】TS50 Type C Combo (S.FAST 17.5T) 
G0322 4580416433228 SPORT BRUSHED POWER BEC
G0340 4580416433402 Maintenance Stand +S (ON-Road,Black)
G0341 4580416433419 Maintenance Stand +S (ON-Road,Blue)
G0342 4580416433426 Maintenance Stand +S (OFF-Road,Black)
G0343 4580416433433 Maintenance Stand +S (OFF-Road,Blue)
G0352 4580416433525 Neo Fast 8.5T
G0353 4580416433532 Neo Fast 10.5T
G0354 4580416433549 Neo Fast 13.5T
G0355 4580416433556 Neo Fast 17.5T
G0356 4580416433563 Neo Fast 21.5T
G0357 4580416433570 Neo Fast 25.5T
G0358 4580416433587 Neo Fast 30.5T
G0360 4580416433600 Burst Sonic 5.5T 
G0361 4580416433617 Burst Sonic 6.5T 
G0362 4580416433624 Burst Sonic 7.5T 
G0363 4580416433631 Burst Sonic 8.5T 
G0364 4580416433648 Burst Sonic 10.5T 
G0365 4580416433655 Burst Sonic 13.5T 
G0366 4580416433662 Burst Sonic 17.5T 
G0367 4580416433679 Burst Sonic 21.5T 
GFG007 4580416500074 BULLET LiPo 7.4V 3000mAh
GFG008 4580416500081 BULLET LiPo 7.4V 4100mAh
GFG101 4580416501019 LF Challenge Pack 6.6V 2200mAh
GFG102 4580416501026 CLUB SPEC LiFe 6.6V 2600mAh
GE001 4580416510011 SPORT NiMH 7.2V 2400mAh
GE002 4580416510028 SPORT NiMH 7.2V 3300mAh
GE003 4580416510035 SPORT NiMH 7.2V 4000mAh
GE004 4580416510042 Catapult LiPo 7.4V 3300mAh 60C
GE005 4580416510059 Catapult LiPo 7.4V 4200mAh 60C
GE006 4580416510066 Catapult LiPo 7.4V 5200mAh 70C
GE007  4580416510073 Catapult LiPo 7.4V 5800mAh 70C
GE008 4580416510080 SPORT NiMH 7.2V 3000mAh
GE009 4580416510097 Catapult R LiPo 7.4V 4200mAh 60C
GE010 4580416510103 Catapult R LiPo 7.4V 5200mAh 70C
GE011 4580416510110 Catapult R LiPo 7.4V 5800mAh 70C
GE012 4580416510127 Catapult R LiPo 7.4V 3300mAh 60C
GE020 4580416510202 SMASH NiMH 7.2V 2400mAh
GE021 4580416510219 SMASH NiMH 7.2V 3800mAh