LiPo Analyzer

Parts No.:G0023
Oct 1, 2013 release


Thank you for purchasing G-Force LiPo Analyzer. Please read this entire operating manual completely and attentively as it contains important information and safety notes. LiPoPal is a very sophisticated electronic device that controlled by high performance microprocessor and precise resistors.



There are two functions of this compact device:


1. Battery Checker
The LiPo Analyzer can check the voltage of each cell of a lithium battery pack and remaining
capacity in percentage %.


2. Self Voltage Balancer
This program can equalize the individual voltages to their lowest one. Balance operation automatically starts about 5 seconds after the battery pack is connected. When the voltage difference between cells over 0.02V, the balancer will start to work. The corresponding “V” will be blinking when it is balancing. When the voltage difference between cells reaches 0.01V or less, balance operation ends and the device enters the sleep mode and “SLP” will be displayed on the LCD.


Product Specification

Applicable Battery Pack 2-6S LiPo
Voltage Display Tolerance +/-1.5%
Voltage Display Resolution 0.01v
Voltage Display Range 0-5v
Balancing Current: 50mA
Operating Temperature 10~+45°C
Storage Temperature -20~+60°C
Case Size 70x38x11mm
Weight 20g
Manual Download
English Manual (PDF).